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CULINAIRE Glass Spray Bottles with Gold Pen Marker - Versatile, Portable, and Reusable

  • Multipurpose Use: These small glass spray bottles are perfect for storing and carrying your favorite essential oils, aromatherapy treatments, colognes, hair sprays, hand sanitizers, and mosquito repellants.
  • Preserves Liquid Integrity: Made of durable colored glass, these spray bottles are ideal for light and heat-sensitive liquids. The glass material helps extend the shelf life and protects the contents from breaking down.
  • Portable and Secure: Enjoy the convenience of carrying your preferred fragrance, essential oil, or hand sanitizer wherever you go. The purse-friendly size, tight caps, and sturdy base ensure these glass spray bottles are unlikely to break or cause spills.
  • Efficient and Economical: These reusable glass spray bottles are environmentally friendly and lead-free. With a generous 2oz capacity, each bottle provides ample space for your precious liquids. The fine and refreshing mist delivers an efficient application.
  • Personalized Labeling: Our set includes a chic golden marker, allowing you to have fun labeling your glass spray bottles. Clearly mark and organize your collection for easy identification.