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IQJOE Dark Roast Instant Coffee Packets with Lion’S Mane - New Variety Pack - Sugar Free, Keto, Vegan Coffee with Magnesium L-Threonate, and 200Mg of Jitter-Free Caffeine - 16 Count

IQJOE is unlike any other instant coffee on the market. It centers on rich, bold, flavorful Brazilian coffee beans, but its functionality is what truly sets it apart. For starters, it packs an especially strong natural caffeine “punch” at 200mg per serving. More importantly, though, each serving is enhanced with 750mg of Magtein® Magnesium L-Threonate and 8X-Concentrated Lion’s Mane Extract. Magtein® smooths out the “peaks and valleys'' of caffeine, is the only form of magnesium shown to cross the blood-brain barrier, and has been shown to boost clarity, mood, focus, attention, memory, and productivity across multiple clinical studies at a daily dose of 1.5g (the amount present in 2 servings of IQJOE). Nothing powers the day quite like a cup of IQJOE!

  • Unlock Laser-Like Focus: IQJOE instant coffees combine rich, bold Brazilian coffee beans with a unique blend of brain-enhancing nutrients like Magtein® Magnesium L-Threonate, 8X-Concentrated Lion's Mane Extract, and natural caffeine for unparalleled mental clarity and concentration.
  • Supercharge Your Productivity: Experience a new level of productivity with IQJOE's meticulously formulated stick packs. The robust flavor of dark-roasted Brazilian coffee is complemented by cognitive-enhancing ingredients, igniting your memory, improving mood, and boosting overall cognitive performance for maximum productivity.
  • Functional Brain Nutrition: IQJOE instant coffees stand out from the crowd by offering a carefully formulated blend of brain-nourishing ingredients. Enjoy the smooth, jitter-free energy of 200mg natural caffeine, while Magtein® and Lion's Mane Extract work synergistically to support mental sharpness and cognitive function.
  • Premium Quality Coffee: Indulge in the richness of Brazilian robusta coffee beans, masterfully french roasted to perfection. With IQJOE, you not only get the intense flavor profile characterized by hints of oatmeal and a peanutty finish but also the satisfaction of knowing you're sipping on a truly exceptional cup of coffee.
  • Tailored for a Healthy Lifestyle: IQJOE instant coffees align with various dietary preferences. Whether you follow a ketogenic, vegan, or Paleo-friendly diet, you can indulge in IQJOE's remarkable instant coffees, which are free from GMOs, gluten, dairy, and soy. Made with delicious, natural flavors, they offer a guilt-free way to supercharge your mornings.

Brazilian Coffee, Natural Flavors, Brain Nutrient Blend (Magtein® Magnesium I -Threonate, 8X-Concentrated Lion's Mane Extract), Silica, Organic Caffeine (From Green Coffee)./div>